A proper Sunday lunch

This story of what is was like on family visits to my grandparents is published online in the Spring 2022 issue of The Longridge Review. You can read it there: the constraints on our behaviour that gave rise to anxiety and boredom, and the things that made it special. Actually, I admired my grandmother despite what you may think after reading it. And thanks to my brother Chris who volunteered to take the rap for the broken window when we couldn’t remember who the culprit really was.

3 thoughts on “A proper Sunday lunch

  1. What a wonderfully nostalgic memoir. My childhood/teen years were also brightened by those thick Vogue, Simplicity and Butterick pattern books. You described those years perfectly. My Mum sewed like a dream and I had wonderful homemade dresses – actually, into my 20s and 30s as well. I’m still wearing a summer dressing gown she made me, out of polyester. I’ve had to reinforce many of the seams, but we both carry on through the long years, my gown and I.

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  2. Hi Alison, Our mothers were certainly very industrious with their sewing, knitting and home baking; and incredible that your dressing gown is still going. I think my wedding and bridesmaid dresses were the last thing Mum made for me and I still have the wedding dress. Then she knitted wool jerseys for my two girls each year while they were young.


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